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Interesting. What do you think about VR and it's potential for a more immersive experience...?

I agree - as I said up top, I think 3D as an 'immersion' medium is/was potentially under-utilised, although in saying that I think the large majority of big budget Hollywood releases went down the path of immersion, perhaps alongside gimmick (although gimmick in so much as being 3D, not gimmick in the old ways of throwing things at you).

That said, I don't think that every film warrants or requires that immersive experience, and many certainly are not worth paying extra for it.

I like the idea of VR as even with my limited experience in it, it feels even more immersive than any cinema screen could. It seems like to go 'full immersion' you would want 3D-VR, which sounds extremely expensive and challenging to capture!

I think in regards to 'immersive 3D' there haven't been many films where the storytelling is borne out of the technology, I imagine mostly because most films had to work as a 2D and 3D story. I have seen a small handful of IMAX 3D films where the storytelling is more tied to the 3D technology and that is very interesting. Is that what you mean when you talk about an immersive experience?

Personally, I find that in the right 3D movies I can become immersed in the world of the story, but when the story and the technology go hand-in-hand, it becomes a different immersion. I don't know if that would work for every story or every movie, and I wonder if you limit accessibility by relying too much on 3D?

Anyway, just thoughts. Interested to hear your opinions.
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