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Originally Posted by Velusion View Post
That's right; Velusion is cool
Of course - and only cooler after a few beers

Originally Posted by Velusion View Post
I said the didn't understand what they were doing. Big difference.
I stand by what I said. There's a difference between having a different outlook and philosophy around what you're doing and literally not understanding the concepts of it.

I think you'd find that there aren't many making big budget 3D movies that literally don't understand what they're doing, but as with anything when it comes to movie-making, logistics of the shoot, budget, time pressures, as well as different philosophies, different interpretations and different experience dictate the decisions that are made much moreso than any specific lack of understanding.

Originally Posted by Velusion View Post
So, with that out of the way, let's talk 3D

I'm keen to hear about how indie and low-budget filmmakers can access 3D capture
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