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I recently watched BURNT (2015) starring Bradley Cooper. 6/10

It's a film about a washed up chef who's about to reclaim glory by obtaining his 3rd Michelin star. Its a story about repairing old wrongs and making amends by reaching culinary perfection, however, there's no real connection to the main character. Bradley Cooper is arrogant, angry, and unlikeable with no real redeeming qualities other than he can cook and was once quite hansome.

At the end of the film I was left felling like nothing much had really changed. The character arch didn't reach any new heights and Cooper's character hadn't really learnt anything new apart from learning to chill out a bit.

In this humble viewers opinion if you want to watch a great film about cooking you'd be better off watching one of these:

1. Chef (2014)

2. Ratatouille (2007)

3.Toast (2010)

4. La Grande Bouffe (1973)

and lastly my mum's favourite

5. Chocolat (2000)
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