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Diagetic music takes place within the world of the movie, such as a radio that's visible, a marching band, etc. Non-diagetic music is not part of "their" world - a score, etc.
Here is an interesting one that crosses into both Diagetic and Non-diagetic music.

Breathless; starring Richard Gere.
Jessie is a slick Vegas boy who steals cars. He defines himself with the use of music by Jerry Lee Lewis. He gets in a stolen car then goes flying down the road listing to Jerry Lee Lewis on the car stereo.... Later, when he's in a jam, he pulls it all together by going into his Jerry Lee Lewis act; Singing and dancing. He is, in a way, delusional....

At the end of the film, he and his girlfriend are on the verge of getting away from the cops but they show up. The have him. He stands there in the middle of the street. A gun lies on the road before him. His girlfriend standing on the side crying. There is no hope.. So what does he do?


There is something very poignant about this scene and the use of music. It brings me to tears very time.. Mike is right; music is very important, or can be....

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