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For me, music can serve a huge range of functions, for instance:
Conveying emotion that supports what's happening on screen
To move the audience (make them nervous / laugh / cry etc)
To set a time period or location
To cover boring bits (!)
Good points!

I just watched an episode of Little house on the Prairie. Without the music they used, some of those scenes would have played terribly.

Mike, I do listen to movie scores as they are presented in the movie, not on the Soundtrack CD,, and that's what I'm talking about. Some of the music editor's choices seem so perfect yet so baffling.

I do know that editors use to sometimes cut in a scratch track of existing music just to give the help convey the feeling and energy of the story until the composer came in to write the score.. A little off subject but I remember reading that George Lucas cut Star Wars IV using Holst's THE PLANETS on the scratch track. Interesting thing though is that some of John Williams' score sounded extremely close to Holst's Mars.

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