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Great example from THE SIMPSONS!

Originally Posted by BazTheHat View Post
Can anyone hum the theme tune from Transformers? (The new movies, obviously, not the cartoon...)
Baa ba.....Baa ba....Baa ba....Baa ba This is the song I hum:

REVENGE OF THE FALLEN is one of my fave CDs.

Being a bit old school, I have to say I much prefer music with a theme. The modern take of sound design as music can definitely convey a mood (and there's loads of good examples of that)
You, myself, and a whole bunch of other people love themes. I like a blend of sound design and thematic. The atonal score shift became popular when big video games like RESIDENT EVIL and SILENT HILL were coming out. There was also a glut of movies that were rushed to release, therefore their scores were shallow in that departments.

The industry is rife with last minute composer changes, such as replacing Johan Johansson on BLADE RUNNER: 2049, Howard Shore on KING KONG, Harry Gregson Wiliams on ALIEN: COVENANT, etc. The replacement composer steps in and has to deliver in very short time, sometimes just a couple of weeks.

I recently had to do a score, where I did all an nighter to deliver 20 cues (about 29 minutes worth) in two days, because the producers wanted to make a festival deadline. Music is such an important part of filmmaking, yet the process doesn't get the respect and time that it deserves, because it is often the last part of post-production (save for laying in the tracks).
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