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Wow, what a great thread!

For me, music can serve a huge range of functions, for instance:
  • Conveying emotion that supports what's happening on screen
  • To move the audience (make them nervous / laugh / cry etc)
  • To set a time period or location
  • To cover boring bits (!)

I've certainly made music for film and, in the spotting stage, gone, "well that looks dull, it needs music." Likewise, I've gone, "that character is really feeling sad but not showing it, let's help show it in the music."

Being a bit old school, I have to say I much prefer music with a theme. The modern take of sound design as music can definitely convey a mood (and there's loads of good examples of that) but even saying the word "Jaws" makes pretty much everyone hear "Da dum. Da dum. Da dum da da da dum da da...".

Can anyone hum the theme tune from Transformers? (The new movies, obviously, not the cartoon...)

As to how to use it - it's a storytelling tool, just like angles, editing, dialogue, lighting, mise en scene. Use it to help tell the story.

And as for diegetic and non-diegetic - the Simpsons have done the best example of that ever.

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