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Maybe search YouTube for some documentaries & special features about movie music, & movie composers past & present. I think a Hitchcock documentary talked about how Bernard Hermann's music didn't show what was happening onscreen, but rather what the characters were feeling. That's one way to do it.

Part of what makes The Exorcist effective is the use of sound, which is related to music. It won Best Sound Mixing among its 10 Oscars. I think there are quiet moments which are suddenly broken by loud sound, pretty jarring & already makes you uneasy even before you see anything scary. So video & audio elements, including music, are all tools you can use to tell your story & heighten the effect/feeling/mood you want the audience to experience.

If you can watch The Great Dictator for the big speech scene, it doesn't have any music. You can compare it to this one where someone added music to it, making it better I think. Thanks to WalterB for posting this recently. If you can watch both versions, you may get an understanding of how music can help a scene.
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