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I agree with you, directorik. I think I worded my statement poorly. What I meant to say is people always find a way to quantify things no matter how mysterious they are. For example; I could see someone giving a lecture on the use of music in film saying "when you transition from one location to another, have the music swell to help usher in the new surroundings"... By saying that they have attempted to quantify the reason that a lot of people put music in places that transition from one location to another... Are they wrong? No. Not really. It 's proven that it does work but does that mean you have to put music there? No... but it doesn't change the fact that people out there will try to figure out the "formula" for music placement... I would never take such proclamation too seriously but I would like to know what others have come up with..

In the 90s I found myself in the presents of a great make up artist who allowed me to take a close look at his work. I marveled at the texture he used around the nose of the particular head I was starring at. I asked him "what made you think to put those little wrinkles on there?" He looked at me and without blinking said "I don't know"... It was the perfect answer. it was honest and true.... I've had other artists give answers like "well, because of the way the muscles under the skin contract along with stretching, wrinkle patters can be predicted and blah blah blah..."

"hey there mr. music editor. What made you think to use that music at that particular moment of the film?" ... "I don't know."

I don't have the insight to know where to put the music. I'm just wondering if there is a book or DVD or lecture that gives ideas to people, like me, who can't "see" the music. Sometimes creativity begins with mimicry.
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