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$100 sounds like a good deal. I suppose you had to give them an accurate script, preferably digital for copying and pasting?
Mine was rejected for several reasons.

First, the file that Premiere pro 2017 created did not match the requirements of Amazon. Premiere offers several CC file types for output, including the one that Amazon wants but it still did not match the format. The Premiere pro CC included font type, font size and other crap. All that Amazon wants is a sequential track number, time code, and dialog.

00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:07,707

00:00:14,514 --> 00:00:18,918
[ominous music]

00:00:25,725 --> 00:00:28,995
[unknown words]

00:00:35,135 --> 00:00:42,942
Where is everybody?

So, I fixed that. Then they told me my dialog was out of sync with the movie. That’s when I discovered that even though I didn’t have any closed caption (CC) until 14 seconds into the film, I still had to account for the time. Take a look at the example above, number 1 has no caption but I still had to put it there otherwise, for some reason, Amazon was reading the 2nd cue, which starts at 00:00:14,514 , as the beginning of the movie thus shifting all of the subtitles forward by 14 seconds..

The final reason they rejected by CC file was because I got lazy and didn’t want to do closed caption for the behind the scenes footage. Instead, I made a CC commentary that played along with the footage. In the end, I had to properly CC the behind the scenes footage too.

Now that I’ve gone through the process and figured it out. I’m pretty sure my next one will be accepted on the first submission.

Oh, one other thing I learned; don’t worry about line breaks when typing the dialog into the CC file. When I was typing mine, I tried to format the text so that it looked good on my screen. You don’t have to do that. Just type the dialog.
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