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They will use many different phrases, such as "captions do not match spoken dialogue" (even when you know that it does), or they will side track you with requests for "when dialogue is not present, you should describe what is happening"... WHAT? we are also providing captions for people who are also BLIND. (So how do blind people read the captions?). Sounds stupid, but that is an example of why our captions were rejected. You will also hear that the time code is off...are your captions 29.97 fps or 30fps...drop frame or non drop frame. Throw in descriptions of who is speaking off camera. What are the lyrics to the song that you used. I finally started using professional caption companies (such as to do our captions, and our last four films have been accepted on the first try. Yes, I hate paying someone to do what I can do myself (eventually), but having Amazon accept the captions on the first try is such a relief... AND, the caption company that I use has a turnaround time of about 8 hours...something that would take me several days to do on my own. (They charge a dollar per minute of screen time...10 minute film is $10 dollars).

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