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There's a reason you do a prep before each shoot.

That said, a good rental house won't send out a camera with dead pixels. Are you certain they're dead pixels and not another artefact?

If they are indeed dead pixels, then the cameras should never have gone out in the first place. You also should have picked it up in your prep. Most rental houses want repeat business so will discount and do deals for you, particularly when they've sent out cameras with dead pixels. If they're not interested, I'd write the cost off or claim on production insurance (depending on how much money you've paid for them) and simply never work with the company again.

Without knowing the full story, a rental company that sends out faulty cameras and then denies responsibility is not a rental company I want to be hiring from, despite the fact that you should pick these things up in prep.

Of course, there are two sides to every story... and the fact that you didn't pick it up until after complicates the situation as it's hard to know whether the pixels were faulty when you picked the cameras up or not.

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