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First off I wanna thank you for your great answer!
It really helps me a lot to get an good overview over this topic.

- So..the most professional way of achieving a particular Aspect Ratio would be to use an anamorphic lense, right? I guess that's the way most Hollywood Studios are doing it.
Just a little guestion: Are there anamorphic lenses for achieving different types of Acpect Ratios (for example an 1.85:1 ratio)? Or are they all giving you a 2.39:1 Aspect Ratio?

- Yeah, cropping a picture in Post is possible of course. But like a said, it's really hard to visualize and frame the shot while shooting. That's the reason I really don't like that option and it seems really unprofessional.

-Frame lines on a seperate monitor sounds like a really good option to me. I think a lot of professional productions are shooting that way if I'm not mistaken.
Do you know if there are monitors with frame lines for any DSLR Cameras?

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