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Question How to get the 2:35 Aspect Ratio?

Hello People!

I have a question and maybe some of you can help me.

See, all the great movies in the cinema usually have a 2:35 Aspect Ratio, right?
So, of course I would love that my film got it aswell.

The problem is that my camera doesn't give me the option to choose the aspect ratio I want while shooting. It's always in an 16:9 ratio.

I know, that I could crop the top and the bottom of the film in post-production to get the cinema letterboxing but that's not what I want!

I want to visualize and frame my picture in the right aspect ratio while im shooting. But I find it really difficult to do when my camera-live-view doesn't show letterboxes.

How are the big film companies doing it? Do they have cameras that allow them to choose different aspect ratios?
It's so important for framing the picture correctly, so how can I do it? Is there an option for a little filmmaker like me?
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