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What if audio post company does not have the software?

Davinci Resolve, the post production coloring suite software, now has the capability to edit video content. Let us assume one is editing a feature film in Davinci Resolve with all the dialogue tracks, foley, sound effects and film music score matched up nicely to the relevant areas with the video track, what if one then moves the locked edit to an audio post production facility would there not be a problem if the facility does not use Resolve in their pipeline? What if the post production facility only have access to Avid or Premiere, how would they be able to watch the film and at the same time perform their professional post production audio enhancements to all the audio files in the Resolve locked edit film if the facility does not have a copy of Resolve? What is the industry practice or industry standard in terms of after one has a locked edit (video and dialogue tracks all synced) done in Premiere for example? Does that person take the Premiere file of the entire film and give it to the Audio post production company?
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