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Originally Posted by PaulWrightyThen View Post
I for one am glad that awful piece of crap has been brought to book. I can't even imagine to think of a time where behaving in such away could ever be deemed appropriate? Did everyone see Jennifer Lawrence recalling a time where she was asked to line up naked with other girls and the Director branded here 'F***able'? I then see in the comments section of said article a guy say 'He was complimenting her on her body, just not in a PC way' and I just thought... what is the matter with this guy? Why is she in a nude lineup anyway? Its like lining up hunks of meat and picking a stake. Gross gross gross.
Didn't hear that story, but yeah, that is gross and humilliating.
I went to art school and I worked with nude models: both male and female. They are all human beings, who deserve respect. Everyone should be treated with respect: with or without clothes.
And demanding a naked lineup: that is just plain wrong, even without such a comment.
Asking for one for whatever legit reason (trying to think of one) and then saying something like that: it is violating trust while the other person is as vulnerable as one can be. (Plus that it is pure sexual intimidation)

Being "Anti-PC" is overly abused to insult, harass and incite, imo, and used as a cover to 'say what a person wants'.

The only good from this scandal might be that people no longer accept this and will hopefully no longer look the other way when it happens to someone else.
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