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DCP Levels slightly off

Hey guys,
I know there are already a lot of threads regarding this topic, but I couldn't find one about this specific question.

I've exported a DCP directly from Adobe Premiere Pro CC2017 and it worked really good. I've also had it tested in the cinema and it works fine. The only thing I've noticed is that the levels are very slightly off compared to the original timeline. It's a tiny little bit less saturated and the black and white levels are slightly off. I mean really not much, not like a conversion from 0 to 16 or something like that, but in very dark parts I can see a tiny little of noise in the DCP when it used to be pitch black in the original timeline.

Does anyone of you guys know about this problem? Or is it maybe no problem at all because it will look fine in cinema? I can't make it tot test it for myself in the cinema unfortunately.

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