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Harvey Weinstein fired from The Weinstein Co.

After decades of sexual harassment claims and paying off the accusers, cofounder of miramax films Harvey Weinstein has been terminated from his position at the Weinstein Co., according to a statement from the board of directors on Sunday.

The Weinstein Co.’s board of directors said that “new information” about the executive’s conduct informed their decision.

"Actress Ashley Judd, the most high-profile of the women to speak on record, alleged that, under the pretense of a business meeting, the producer and studio head asked her if she would watch him shower, or if he could give her a massage."

This dude was so powerful he can blacklist you throughout all of hollywood with a word
"You'll never work in this town again!!" is a threat few people can actually make for real and follow through with, that's not someone you can say no to very easily.

Are they going to change the company name or remain the weinstein company?
That's not a very good legacy to be named after him.
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