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Originally Posted by WendyFisher42 View Post
This is awesome. Smooth, elegant, and easy to take seriously. I never realized that Neptune is blue! And I like the trouble you took to find images of the people who led to its discovery. I dig the overall aesthetic; subtle but majestic. My one piece of feedback is that this overall soothing and left me a little bit sleepy. Interspersing moments of excitement via music/editing/intensity could help viewer retention. It's a wonderful production - well done.
Thank you, Wendy. I'm really glad you enjoyed it so much. It was a lot of fun to do.

I did actually think about the changing-music thing a bit, and a friend who gave me feedback mentioned it. I decided that if it was any longer I would have, but I just felt that it was just short enough to be okay. Maybe I was wrong. I guess I also felt that using anything except the "Neptune" suite from Holst's 'The Planets' would be cheating. haha

Again, I'm really glad you enjoyed it so much, and thanks for the feedback.
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