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Originally Posted by indietalk View Post
Indeed true, if I were to add this ability it would be an improved structure with concentrated areas. I guess I could have phrased it more as "Find and post paid crew positions in a job-board type interface" or similar.

I have toyed with this as well as a sister site, as we have an optimal domain for it. It would have SSO login so you'd be able to login with IT credentials.

Or it could all be here, but the interest seems lower. The results make sense, this being a place to learn and discuss. But we can improve in this area if there is interest as it is a necessity at some point.
I think I would definitely say do it separately, but retaining the IT brand and allowing forum members to log in directly (and vice versa). Could definitely help drive discussions from the postings onto the forum.

Not sure if there's much point in doing it worldwide though, as you may end up spreading yourself too thin and there are relatively few UK filmmakers on this forum to begin with (not to mention smaller countries/territories). I've seen several UK-based crewing websites crash in the past few years, simply because there isn't enough demand and most of the work is arranged through the major international player, Mandy, or pay-in crewing services like Shooting People or even BECTU. But if you focused on major North American hubs then you might well be able to drive enough traffic.
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