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Originally Posted by indietalk View Post
Thanks so far. I notice posting or finding paid crew positions is not high on anyone's list, with (1) vote. Is there a particular reason? Do you use another site for this and don't want it here? Do you not hire or work in the film biz professionally? I know many here offer paid crew slots so just wondering.

This is great because the reason I started this poll was for insights like this.
I think that's because there are much more active region specific sites which are dedicated to the task of recruiting. I've posted job listings on IT before but only for composer/VFX/editor roles, which can be done remotely and, even then, more out of loyalty to the site than actual pragmatism. It's just quicker and easier for me to use different sites to find UK-based crew.

The sites I use for this are predominantly Shooting People and Mandy (and CCP for cast). Used to use Talent Circle a lot, but I think it's closed.
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