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Be glad that you have a director with vision. On one particular project, I was the sound guy, but the rest of the crew and I waited and watched every day start out like the following:

DP: "What setups are we doing today?"
Director: "Lead actors arguing in the museum."
DP: "How are we shooting it?"
Director: "They are going to discuss their relationship. Nancy gets mad and leaves."
DP: "How do you want it shot?"
Director: "I want to show how sorry Will is, and I want to emphasis Nancy's anger."

That is the short version of something that would last up to an hour. Every day, this pitiful and time consuming conversation took place! There was no instruction as to what kind of camera moves, lighting or angles that should be done.

A shotlist isn't supposed to be etched in stone, but rather a malleable guide that aides the process of continuity. As you discovered, by talking to your director, he is open to suggestion. That's how it is supposed to be, since the best product comes from utilizing the best talents of everyone involved. Embrace it.
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