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Director already wrote shot list (I'm DP)

Hey guys, I'm also in an unfamiliar situation with my current Director/DP relationship.

We have just been handed the finalized script from our writer and now we're in pre-prod for the project. The director is really excited to direct it and has already written a shot list for the first two pages of the script without my input whatsoever. I feel like this is telling of the way the whole project will go; I'm going to end up being simply a cam op with little to no creative input. This is a no budget short so I feel like it's important for all of us to share the workload.

I understand that as a DP, the final say always goes to the director. However, I also want: 1. this project to have the highest production value possible and therefore think it's a good idea to delegate tasks to trusted crewmembers (i.e. myself), and 2. to have some creative input and be able to proudly put my name in the credits (to be as realistic as possible, despite the vapid egotistic nature of that desire).

Do I tell him that I'm going to write a shot list from scratch?

Do I simply revise and add to the existing shot list?

Do I just let him write the whole thing and then make tweaks afterward?
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