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I wonder if people go for the cinema experience.

What moonshieldmedia said:

Originally Posted by moonshieldmedia View Post
I worked at a movie theatre in Los angeles (happens to be the best selling movie theatre in the world) and I can tell you that there are still a lot of people who just show up not knowing what they want to watch yet.

Usually it's a date night sort of thing.

I would never do it though. I'm only willing to spend my time and money on something I REALLY want to see.
I never thought about these moviegoers to be dates - I mostly thought about them being older people - it really makes sense to be dates.

But I think that if the theater moonshieldmedia worked at was the best selling of the world - well that fits my question too: because people may choose the particular cinema experience whatever it plays - because of the theater.

Just thinking.
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