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Originally Posted by richy View Post

Is Shia LeBeouf the new Nick Simmons?

Maybe it's an education problem, as in, he just doesn't know or appreciate how serious plagiarism is.

Or like you suggest, Steve, hopefully it's not a sad thing, like, he's not well, or something. Is it because he's under a lot of pressure to perform, or something?
My first thought was obviously this guy didn't go to college.. then i went to wikipedia and confirmed. Definitely makes a point for having an education, even if you're rich and famous.

I had to look up Nick Simmons and I saw this "Concerns arose in late February 2010 that Nick Simmons had plagiarized character designs, fight scenes, plot segments, dialogue, poses and expressions from both professional and amateur artists"

I was actually planning on taking a couple of moves from various fight scenes. e.g. There's a really great sweep and follow up kick in Jet Li's the enforcer. Is that wrong to use a 1-2 combo? Not talking about ripping off an entire scene or anything, just one move with one edit.

I also wouldn't think theres anything wrong with taking a pose.. that seems extreme to me
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