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Shia LeBeouf the Story Thief

Apparently 'a film by shia lebeouf' that "played at dozens of film festivals last year including the Cannes Film Festival, but it wasn’t until it hit the web yesterday morning that keen-eyed bloggers noticed uncredited similarities between LaBeouf’s film and artist Daniel Clowes’ 2007 graphic novella Justin M. Damiano, including word-for-word dialogue and visuals lifted directly from the original."

Quote is from US Magazine. Wouldn't want you all to think I wrote it myself

What really bothered me about this is that the guy HAS money, he has reputation, there is no excuse for him to do something like that. He could have easily paid for the script and given some credit to the writer. He could have helped the little guy out and given him some exposure while making his film, but instead he had to be a total jackass and take full credit for the story. Well now the guy has his exposure, and shame on shia. His reputation is forever tarnished.
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