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...yeah, that's why even though I was turned down, I don't want to look at this as a bad thing across the board. I figure: they know film projects and they like my idea. So even though I think it has merit, its good to hear it from someone in the biz.

...the drawback is NO MONEY. Time's-a-wastin'! I gotta figure out how to get started in the fall because I don't really have the option of not connecting with my first subject in October. That's 10 weeks away! but I am DETERMINED to get started. I am not looking at the forest, I am concentrating on the trees. I don't want to think about how big the job is, I know how big it is..., I don't have the luxury of dwelling on the size of the job, I just have to get going... come popcorn can't be currency? I've got lots of that

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