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I was contacted personally by a Ms. Dean who said she called because she had read my grant proposal. (now I don't know how normal this is to have someone contact you personally). She said that I had not made the finalists, however she loved my grant and enjoyed reading it and looking at my work sample. She went on to say that I should not be discouraged and to apply again next cycle. It seems like people like my idea so I hope that will translate into some funding...
Spinner, I can speak from my experience applying for painting/mixed medium grants. I can say that it is EXTRAORDINARY for you to receive such a vote of confidence from, it seems, an originator of the program. It seems she is trying to encourage you to apply to every program you can. You have to remember that every panel is different, just because one doesn't fund you, it doesn't mean the next one you apply for won''t consider your project the grail they were looking for.
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