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...okay, let's see if I can make a contribution to this subject, incidently EVERYTHING is worth looking at...

Roy W. Dean Film and Writing Grants
...this grant gives services like you wouldn't believe including some voice over work, some legal services, titles, film stock, lots of stuff and definitely worth going to the site to see if you can make use of it. There are about 5 grants available from this provider: 1. New York grant; 2. LA Film grant; 3. LA Video grant;4. Writer's grant; 5. Editing grant. Writers and Editing grants have deadlines coming up in Aug and Sept, so check 'em out quick.

I just got turned down by the video Dean grant, sad to say. However, here's the reason why I am not bummed...
I was contacted personally by a Ms. Dean who said she called because she had read my grant proposal. (now I don't know how normal this is to have someone contact you personally). She said that I had not made the finalists, however she loved my grant and enjoyed reading it and looking at my work sample. She went on to say that I should not be discouraged and to apply again next cycle. It seems like people like my idea so I hope that will translate into some funding...

Grants for Individuals : Film
...being an MSU grad myself, I looked into this first. If you are a student this is a good place to look around.
But as grants often are, they are specific to certain things. I fell outside alot of the requirements but it is a big list and someone could really luck out there...

AIVF | association for independent video and filmmakers
Grants and FAQ'S
...lots of information, one of the first places I looked...

National Endowment for the Humanities may find that they will send you to the National Endowment for the Arts if you have a film to fund. Look around anyway. I am going back over the NEH site again myself...

Moxie Films
MoxieDocs Co-production Award
...many services including a camera package, recording media, kits & expendables, post production sound,
postcards, posters, worth a look. (I will be applying) often looking for works in progress...

Film Arts Foundation Grants must be in the SanFrancisco area...

Look at IFP and also IDA. There is also Creative Capitol... google these...

...I cannot stress enough the fiscal sponsorship aspect. Alot of grants Will Not give to individuals.
I will also add the Anthony Radziwill fund for documentaries. This one you have to apply online. I have to admit that I flubbed this one, but it is hard to explain your idea when you only have so many words to do it in. And you can't go over so figure out how to explain your project and budget BRIEFLY.

...Born Into Brothels, the oscar winner last year, went through HBO for funding, there is the Sundance Institute who has a development fund and a works in progress fund...

...if I find anything else, I will post it

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