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Originally Posted by ItDonnedOnMe View Post
Is there a particular reason you've chosen to get the DR40 for audio? There's certainly times where having a separate recorder can be convenient (if you have someone else to operate it) but it's not really as necessary with the XF100 as it would be with something like a DSLR, and it'll add extra time in post to sync things up. Personally I'd skip it.
Originally Posted by Alcove Audio
As a sound guy I advocate using an separate external audio recorder. If your budget doesn't run that way, you do what you need to do.
I do like the idea of recording in two different levels simultaneously with the Tascam, but for just starting out, maybe I need to focus on deciding what are my absolute top prioriites. (e.g. a matte box is nice, but when I need the extra filters I can think about then and use whatever is available to block the glare in the meantime.)

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