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What's the name of your feature?
Through The Same Lens

What's the logline and Synopsis of your feature?
"One sees something and believes it to be true. That's only because they look at things through the same lens"

A film centered around obsession and what people are willing to do to get what they want.

Where's the trailer, facebook page, website?

Is it complete or being completed?

How long were you in production (from pre-to-post)?
I started developing the story back in August of 2010. I had to push back the production start date two times. I was finally able to start production the first week of September 2011. That was after changing elements of the story and going through a handful of talent.

Do you see distribution in your future or have you been distro'd?
At first that was the plan. Within the last month, I have decided just to upload the film for free. The main reason for that is the following. When my next film comes out, people have an idea what to expect. They will be able to access the film for free. That's my mindset at the moment.

What's the back-up plan?
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