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Originally Posted by Footsteps The Movie View Post
What's the name of your feature?

The film is called "Footsteps"

What's the logline and Synopsis of your feature?

The logline: The hardest part about war, is coming home
The film deals with a veteran's return from war along with his struggles to re-integrate into society, facing past love, drug addictions, a widowed father and murder along the way.

Where's the trailer, facebook page, website?

The trailer can be viewed at ... The Facebook page is
Our twitter account is - @FOOTSTEPSMOVIE_

Is it complete or being completed?

The film has been completed and edited. We are in the process of marketing it and developing an audience for it through social media, as well as attending multiple film festivals in months to come.

[B]How long were you in production (from pre-to-post)?

Production lasted about 1 year.

Do you see distribution in your future or have you been distro'd?

We have not been distributed, however we do see distribution and sale in our future.

What's the back-up plan?

There is no back- up plan. We want to be successful. We do however have several films slated for production later on this year as well as next year.
I've seen this trailer before. I can't remember what blog it hit, was it Slash? Good luck on the sale!
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