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Enemy of the Mind

What's the name of your feature?
Enemy of the Mind

What's the logline and Synopsis of your feature?
Logline: How do you catch a killer who knows your every move?

Brief synopsis: A hardened cop chases the shadow of a killer whose deadly trail he believes started with the murder of his wife Abby. With each new victim, Detective Frank del Toro must find a way to stop him, even at the cost of his job, his reputation and his sanity.

Where's the trailer, facebook page, website?


facebook page:

Is it complete or being completed?
Completed, Jan. 2012

How long were you in production ?
From about January to May 2011, principal photography. May 2011-present, score and editing.

Do you see distribution in your future or have you been distro'd?
Hoping for distribution and fests.

What's the back-up plan?, I'll give it away on Torrents.

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