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I'll bite. Looks like I'll have the first documentary in the thread...

What's the name of your feature?

Laughter Against the Machine: The American Controversy Tour

What's the logline and Synopsis of your feature?

"W. Kamau Bell, Nato Green, and Janine Brito, three fearless comedians, are ready to unleash Laughter Against The Machine on America, whether America is ready or not! Laughter Against the Machine is a comedic peacekeeping mission to wade into the nastiest quagmires in the US, the flashpoints of American ignorance and upheaval. Like Comedy Central’s Insomniac with Dave Attell meets Democracy Now!, There may be blood, there may be learning, but there will definitely be laughter. "

This is a feature-length documentary following three liberal/progressive comedians as they leave the comfortable confines of their hometown crowds (SF bay area) and hit the road to visit US cities where recent political controversies have erupted. We hit Pheonix & Tucson, AZ (border & immigration issues), Madison, WI & Chicago, IL (union busting), New Orleans, LA (aftermath of Katrina), New York, NY (occupy wall street), Dearborn, MI (largest arab & muslim population in America), Washington, DC (lobbyist central) and finally came back to Oakland CA to wrap things up. More than just a comedy tour film, we spoke to activists on the ground in each of these cities to get first-hand accounts of their battles and find out where they think comedy fits into the political conversation.

Where's the trailer, facebook page, website?

Blog from the tour:
First clip from the road:

Is it complete or being completed?

Production is complete - we did the tour and all principle filming between september - november 2011. We now have nearly 100 hours of footage, recently finished converting & syncing it all and we're starting the actual editing process. Our first public screening is in a couple of weeks as we preview 15-20 minutes at SF Sketchfest, a local comedy festival. Our plan is to wrap post by late spring/early summer in order to start distributing it in time to capitalize on increased political interest due to the upcoming election.

How long were you in production (from pre-to-post)?

It's still in progress, but looks to be 10-12 months total by the time we're finished.

Do you see distribution in your future or have you been distro'd?

We're in early discussions for television distribution, but that won't really get too concrete until the film is finished.

What's the back-up plan?

Not really a back up plan so much as a plan - finding distribution on television, dvds, etc through a distributor is almost more the backup plan. We'll likely tour the film ourselves with the comedians to do special screening events wherever possible. We expect to sell DVDs and other merchandise as part of the tour, as well as do a direct cheap & simple download option online similar to what Louis CK did last year. We funded the tour through kickstarter, and we can handle the full post process ourselves, so our only real investment in the project is time - and we'll be turning a profit from the very first ticket, dvd or download sold. This gives us a ton of freedom to be flexible with our distribution approach and adapt it to whatever proves to be most successful.
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