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What's the name of your feature?

US SINNERS (Like no one here has ever heard that before)

What's the logline and Synopsis of your feature?

Tim Connelly (Brandon Schraml) has been abused his entire life. In his twenties, he's still living with his religious zealot mother (Leslie E. Hughes) who continues to make his life miserable. As the foreman of a maintenance crew, Tim garners no respect from his subordinates. So, Tim releases his frustrations on prostitutes, by slaughtering them. When Louise O'Connor (Brenda Cooney) comes to work at "Do It All Cleaning", Tim falls in love. Can love harness hate? If not, there's only one person who can put an end to his murderous rage.

Where's the trailer, facebook page, website? (trailers/reviews/photos/early storyboards) for a cheap free website, it has more then the original. It's just not as pretty.

Is it complete or being completed?

Long done.

How long were you in production (from pre-to-post)?

Shooting took 5 months. Post took almost a year and a half. But, that's because the sound designer was... was... well never mind.

Do you see distribution in your future or have you been distro'd?


What's the back-up plan? Go on a killing spree like Tim

As dumb as it is, because they're not that popular. Back in 2009 - Amazon On Demand.

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