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I'll say this: for an unpaid production, 4 days notice is really not that bad. It's a difficult one but the life of a jobbing actor or actress is tough and you've got to do what you can, when you can. It's always annoying from the point of view of the director or producer but I can understand why it happens so often...

To address the point about 'casting' more than one actor for a role: For me that's a big 'no no'.

I'm assuming that I'm still misunderstanding you but you have to cast one actor for one role. If you want some insurance then cast similar actors in smaller roles so that if your leads drop out you can 'promote' then- this should also apply with stunt work. But you certainly shouldn't cast more than one person in a role that will ultimately only be performed by one of them. As I said above being a jobbing actor is hard enough without the frustration of having producers giving and taking away jobs and time just to make their lives easier...
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