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Originally Posted by Modern Day Myth Prod. LLC View Post

Always cast more than one actor for any role. You never know.
I'm still, even after seeing a previous thread of yours on the same subject, not fully understanding your definition of "Cast".

When you say, you "cast" more than one person for each role, are you telling the actors that they have the role, or are you mistaking casting for "Shortlist"? (I have a feeling it's more along the lines of an "Understudy")

Merely because, for me, it doesn't instill the greatest sense of trust in your talent, or the capabilities of the Director to run the project successfully. If i was an Actor, and you where to tell me that I have the role, but, due to previous occurrences that two others are also close at hand to take my place at the drop of a hat, i wouldn't feel confident in the stability of the project. That's not job security. It wouldn't feel as though it was my role.

I have a feeling you mean to say that you have two other folk, that where second and third in auditioning, and that you have kept their details, and spoken of the mere possibility that your number one should drop out.

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