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The Other Guys (8/10)
Very funny, very stupid, some blatant wrongness, but a bit too mush what was expected.

Inception (9/10)
Leaving the theater, thinking on the last shot of the film, we began the whole 'what the hell did we just watch" discussion. Was the whole thing in DiCaprio's mind or what? Does Nolan hate us? Does this mean Inception 2?

Despicable Me (9/10)
What can you say, I'm a sucker for animated wackiness (was this Pixar?) The kids were so cute, and the alternative reality so much fun...

Unstoppable (4/10)
Unwatchable? No. It was watchable, only why? Why did they waste 2 hours of my life on this tacked on melodrama bullshit story? Annoying visuals to boot, and really little more than an incident. Not a fully fleshed out story.

Lord of the Rings - Fellowship (10/10)
I can't believe some people dis this trilogy.

Khadak (7/10)
Mongolian Shaman film, very experimental modern Chinese thingy. A bit slow and the ending wasn't right. Still, some absolutely stunning cinematography.
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