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Oh yes, it has a light meter inside the eyepiece, under the actual viewing image SLR thing.

I guess I try to keep it in the middle.

The "O -> C" dial must stand for Open -> Close, as the needle on the lightmeter (when on manual) moves with the dial.

Is an external handheld lightmeter any better than the one built in?


Those buttons do indeed be a battery test, Mr HailKing. I thought the battery-level meter was broken 'til you straightened me out. There is a dial on the far side that's at "low" all the time, 'til those buttons get pressed.


I decided that the best time to use it will be Saturday, to test it out. I'll take footage of us filming "Broadband" up in Chino Hills State Park... a behind-the-scenes.

Man, I'm excited!
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