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Soundlufs 06-28-2016 10:49 AM

Production music for your projects
Hi again folks!

In this private promotion post, I would like to invite you to listen and purchase my new production music tracks. I specialize in mockups of classics, retro sounding pieces, and world music tunes.

Here is my favorite piece at the moment:

Arabica Pop

And several other collections:

Happy tunes collection

Classical Gems collection

Classical Guitar pieces

Classical Piano

Music box tunes

Just to mention - some of these tracks were recently purchased by such firms as Transistor Film (Sweden), Sumago Marketing (Germany) and other private clients.

Its just the start-off for this new catalog (also since they are all exclusive to AJ, and the admission has become time consuming there) so you are welcome to check back once in a while, cause more tracks are on the way. Main portfolio page with all the tracks is accessible here:

Soundlufs Portfolio on Audiojungle

Thanks for your time, and hope we make creative stuff together!

Cracker Funk 06-29-2016 01:31 AM

Hey, these are really good, and your asking price is more than reasonable! I definitely recommend other low-budget filmmakers check out your music, and there's a good possibility I might want to make a purchase for my upcoming 48HFP.

Soundlufs 06-29-2016 08:52 AM

Wow, thanks a lot Cracker Funk, you are very kind. :yes:

I`ve reused several tracks mentioned earlier, and added a new called "Teenage Love", to start a new collection here:

Lazy Summer Collection


krisnapakkha 06-29-2016 04:19 PM

nice work ... ! best wishes

Soundlufs 07-17-2016 05:50 AM

Hello again!

One more thing to mention - the Soundlufs music catalog is constantly growing, slow but steady.

For example, a colorful and fantasy stylized oriental Bazaar background has been added recently:

Turkish Bazaar

Or, if you are into romantic ambiences:

Bright Ambience

And the Classical Gems collection has got several new entries as well:

Classical Gems collection

Thanks for your time, and I wish us all, at least a tiny piece of mind in these troubling times.

Soundlufs 09-15-2016 09:44 AM

Greetings to all forum readers! I`ve got some new tracks in catalog to show off (kinda) :yes:

BBC style classical woodwinds in a small elegant piece:

New from Soundlufs - short and effective music logos in different styles:

Yet another classic gem by Verdi - in a commercially adapted and abridged strings arrangement:

And lastly - its time to prepare for Christmas, no?

Thanks for your attention, and hope to see you among my clients!

FreddyLongSongs 09-15-2016 11:32 AM

Im going to check your stuff out. After i edit my short. I csn do my own score but it's overwhelming after having to write, produce and soon direct my short film. I am ready to start writing again.

Soundlufs 09-15-2016 11:45 AM


Originally Posted by FreddyLongSongs (Post 417134)
Im going to check your stuff out. After i edit my short. I csn do my own score but it's overwhelming after having to write, produce and soon direct my short film. I am ready to start writing again.

Thanks Freddy!

You are welcome to address me for any cuts needed to fit the audio tracks to your visuals.


Soundlufs 10-13-2016 02:13 PM

New Tracks
Greeting folks!

Several new tracks landed on my Audiojungle catalog since the last update:

"Gypsy in Cairo" - Jazzy nostalgia with an Oriental twist.

"Piano Bumblebee" - The evergeen Bumblebee flight, in a lightning fast piano rendition.

"Inspiring Pop" - Corporate style background pop for technical videos, presentations, etc.

The profile page has also been updated with fastclick buttons to check out various tracks from the catalog:

Profile page

Thanks a lot for your attention, and see ya!

Soundlufs 11-07-2016 11:40 AM

Hello again friends!

My Audiojungle catalog got some new (hopefully exciting) entries recently:

Nutcracker March - I am getting serious about rendering as much Tchaikovsky ballet highlights as possible. Currently there are several Nutcracker tracks in there, but I plan to do Swan Lake and the Sleeping Beauty snippets too, cause I simply adore this music!

French waltz - Another "soft" vibe track, featuring some acoustic sounds and original melody.

Acoustic inspiration - This is a more energetic and rhythmic piece, build around juicy guitar, percussion, and bass grooves.

Mozart Nachtmusik - This is my shot at this greater than life composer, trying to render commercially usable, and affordable extract.

Maple Leaf Rag - Another classic piece rendition, this time on the borderline between 19th and 20th centuries. Simply great for many commercial and social media uses (oh, that silent cinema trick).

Hope you find those tracks useful, and if you have any questions about Audiojungle service, the licences, the music, and the ideas behind it, feel free to reply in this thread or contact me directly. :cheers:

Soundlufs 12-06-2016 07:46 PM

Christmas update
Greetings, folks!

As Christmas gets nearer every minute, I would like to freshen up the list of Christmas related tracks I`ve got in my catalog, both old and new:

Christmas Melody - Original piece written exclusively for the Audiojungle catalog.

Sugar Plum Fairy - I am getting on with my Tchaikovsky obsession, this time with the magical celesta extract.

Christmas Music Box - "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" tune in a music box rendition.

Jingle Bells - Slow orchestral rendition of the classic carol.

Silent Night - This one verse highlight of the famous song, features vocals sung by my dearest wife, which has a professional concert singing background.

BTW my wife`s lovely singing, there is a new track in the catalog, featuring her singing a highlight by Saint-Saens, from his wonderfull "Samson and Delilah":

Mon coeur s`ouvre a ta voix

And since Delilah story has an Oriental vibe to it, I`ll finish off this update with recent Arabic track added to the catalog as well (which is an original piece of mine):

Arabic Beat

I wish everyone happy and enjoyable hollidays, and lots of creative projects along the way! ;)

Soundlufs 01-13-2017 04:52 AM

Happy New Year everybody!

As mentioned in my other post here, my holidays were spent on creating a promotional animation clip, which talks about Giuseppe Verdi music tracks I have done recently. The clip is on youtube:

But in fact, there was a later addition to my Verdi tracks as well, an abridged version of "Stride La vampa" form "Il Trovatore", once again sung by my lovely wife Zhenia.

- Stride La Vampa

The previous clip of her, singing the Delilah aria had some nice feedback and sales, so I intend to add to this series. Frankly, the Verdi aria got already licensed too, just hours after being added to the catalog - did our world got hooked on opera again? :)

Still in th opera category there was a recent adittion of a short logotype based off Bizet Carmen:

- Carmen Logo

On a different note, there was another western style track added:

- Happy Banjo

Thanks all for your support and attention, and hope everyone has a wonderful and peaceful year ahead!

Soundlufs 02-17-2017 04:51 AM

Hello friends!

A few newcoming tracks in Soundlufs music catalog on Audiojungle:

Epic Strings - Modern cinematic track with some strident string orchestra and trailer style percussion.

Positive Feel - In a totally different vibe, I`ve tried my best to nail the smoothest background music track I could, ending up with an soul kinda piece.

Charpentier - Prelude to Te Deum - Forgive me the cheesiness, but I could`nt help myself, when I realized that famous Eurovision theme is a classical piece - I had to do it!!

Thanks for your attention and support - hope to add much more new goodies for the next update!

Soundlufs 03-23-2017 04:09 AM

Hello Friends!

Recent months I`ve had a harsh time working on new stuff, but still tried to squeeze a few usable tracks to put on Audiojungle:

Classical Comedy - is a little fun piece dedicated to silent era movies, but apart from the usual piano, I`ve decided to focus on western sounds of mandolin, banjo and such.

Mozart Piano - Production music calls for an immediate mood setting, so most tracks include just one theme, and don`t change halfway, so once I thought about adding an extract from Mozart`s Sonata No. 11, I knew right away I want to focus on the lovely first variation, rather than the sonata openng theme.

Carmen Seguidilla - Another track in the operatic series (all taken from my wife`s old recordings actually). I really enjoy the fact that those arias get great feedback, and bring in some customers - some years ago opera was the biggest passion for us, I was also hosting my wife`s concerts, lecturing the audience, to give her a little breaks here and there :) Lots of memories, and such a warm feeling that it gets used.

Vivaldi`s Spring - I`ve had several shots at this "must have" piece before, and just stopped halfway. Not 100% satisfied this time as well (I rarely am) but I just had to get it out there one day, and thankfuly, the feedback was great so far.

Thanks for anyone reading and noticing, and warm welcome to anyone into my catalog at Audiojungle which really becomes a place for good quality music, and I enjoy put my efforts there.

Soundlufs 08-16-2017 10:13 AM

Greeting folks!

This summer turned out to be especially dry with new content, but here are the new tracks put out during the last 3 months on Audiojungle:

Mozart`s aria "Voi Che Sapete" - I am glad that practically all the arias from my old archives of my wife`s singing, get a nice feedback on Audiojungle.

Chopin Nocturne op. 9 No. 1 - Recently I produced much less piano classics than I used too, also since my focus shifted to orchestral renditions, but this one is so quintessential, that I had to produce it, and slap a cheesy label stick too :)

German folk style tune - A small original piece I`ve crafted recently, using some traditional German and Austrian instruments, also trying to keep the overall mood authentic. Gladly, I`ve got tremendously well feedback on that one.

Rachmaninov`s "Italian Polka" - Staying in the accordion land (which may sound bizarre at first, considering its a Rachmaninov piece) I have made a band rendition to his little Italian Polka. Actually, in Russia this piece is very frequently performed in concerts, played on the accordion, or even several ones.

Beethoven 5th Symphony theme - This is the latest addition. After some careful planning and polishing, I`ve made a rendition of this legendary theme, specifically keeping it short, highlighting the beginning of the first movement, also to save costs to the end buyer.

Thanks everyone for your time and attention, my best wishes, and till next update!!


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