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sumary 04-13-2009 05:31 PM

Shadow Stalker < HORROR FILM - 2 Minutes
Hey guys,
What happens when a beautiful woman is actually the devil in disguise. This is a short horror film I recently completed. I worked on it last semester. I shot with the DVX 100A. First time using the camera. Here is the youtube link. Take a look. It's a 2 minute film I did for class. All comments are appreciated!


Please leave any feedback and criticism you like,
Thanks... :lol:

spankydoesfilm 04-15-2009 06:58 PM

This may seem ruff but, you asked for feedback.

The story seems to lack any depth. Nothing states that the woman is the devil. It seems at though she just wanted to take the other womans money. Lines like "die,die" just seem unrealistic to me, and once the viewer starts questioning small things like that they are totally not focusing on the story or anything.

The edit also didnt convey the action that was going on. Throughout the most intense scene there is one cut. Generally scenes with a lot of action have many cuts as it makes the viewer feel more tension.

Overall for a first film I would say it was ok. I would look at this film as something you should try to build on by understanding your mistakes, so that your next film can be better.


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