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Olaf Blunk 01-08-2017 12:06 PM

The long writer's road to Hollywood - digitally shortened
Hello guys,

I have fantastic news for all those dreaming to get realized their movie scripts one day:

I found 5 "pitch directly to hollywood executives"-websites on the web, who - although costly - provide a very straightforward service in order to contact film professionals and send them query letters and screenplays.

Here there are:

Virtual Pitch Fest

The Black List

Spec Scout

Sell A Script

Ink Tip

I hope that this post will expand by experiences regarding these sites by the fellow readers of it, establishing a discussion about whether the sites really fulfil the promise of kicking the door wide open to Hollywood.

As far as Iīm informed right now Virtual Pitch Fest is the only website that guarantees responses from studios. It seems to be affordable alongside with The Black List, while membership at Ink Tip

on the other hand requires a WGA membership which is more than costly. Talking about Spec Scout youīre in the 300 $-section, but it really seems to care to improve your script since you donīt have to pay

anything if they grade your script high. Finally Sell A Script provides a unique service called "Writer's Rolodex" where you get contact information for over 4.000 Production Companies but are otherwise left on your

own with it.

So, does Ridley Scott's dark vision "Alien" finally come true, talking to the space computer in order to answer all questions essential for survival just by typing in the right ones?

Letīs hope, that itīs not the case, hope to hear from you guys before I link myself with these communication beasts...


WalterB 01-08-2017 05:04 PM

Thanks for sharing. Alas, I have no experience with any of these sites.

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