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shawnwildermuth 08-10-2017 05:01 PM

Funding an Independent Documentary?
My current plan is to look for corporate funding for about 75% of the budget and 25% in crowdfunding. So I'm now looking at grants/sponsorship, but I am thinking of whether I should do the crowdfunding early or late? (Most of my cost is in post-production). The majority of the sponsors I'm expecting to get are in my regular industry (of which the movie is about) so not traditional funding opportunities for film.

I feel like crowdfunding is a marketing tool that can help fund the project. If I do the crowdfunding now, they I can raise money early, but since the project is not going to be complete for 30 months and that might not generate enough interest for funders. Perhaps waiting on crowdfunding until filming is done means that I can raise more money later but then the sponsors might not know if there is interest for my film which the crowdfunding might help me show.

Anyone try this before? Or perhaps I'm an idiot and I should be going about this completely differently.

Thanks in Advance!

indietalk 08-10-2017 06:00 PM

Crowdsourcing for film and music should have a built in audience. Example, fans waiting for the next release of a band they like... or, a filmmaker with a successful short looking to make a feature. It works well for gadgets and inventions without a fanbase because they are a fan of the "idea" (and usually get the actual gadget for in advance). But with art, you need those fans built in.

To answer your question, it can work before or after. Before, being the concept, after, being finishing funds. If you don't have fans the latter would have the possibility of being more successful, because, you could show portions of the shoot to try to get them enticed.

The best campaigns have video and interviews! Make sure they know who you are and your mission.

Good luck!

shawnwildermuth 08-10-2017 06:02 PM

Good Info!
Yeah, I have a pretty good following in the industry that the film is about. I'm thinking that once I finish a couple of the bigger name interviews, I could use them in the Crowdfunding video. I have a teaser, but it's not enough I think it get people involved yet.

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