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JamesWEvans 12-27-2017 07:14 PM

The Climb - Survival Drama Short Film

Hope you will find the time to check out our new short film.

Quality 12-28-2017 08:07 AM

Suspense. The angles you've chose made it look like a real challenge. Good film.

essexmole 12-31-2017 04:21 AM

amazing wide camera shots loved it gave how much perile she was facing to get up the hill
was this filmed in wales?

ThinkingArt 01-16-2018 08:37 PM

Awesome short. Nice challenge for telling a story visually.

JamesWEvans 02-10-2018 03:05 PM

Thanks for watching, and yes it was filmed in Wales. Very tough shoot, the actress didn't have to do to much acting!

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