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View Poll Results: I would like to be able to visit IndieTalk...
To ask members questions about filmmaking 81 67.50%
To answer questions and offer members help 70 58.33%
To find organized filmmaking tips and tutorials in a specific database 45 37.50%
To read news/articles on filmmaking 41 34.17%
To be able to post dedicated tutorials and/or articles 18 15.00%
To post and promote my films 51 42.50%
To watch films 36 30.00%
To network with others in my area/build crews in my area etc 68 56.67%
To list/browse paid-only crewing jobs 19 15.83%
To socialize with other filmmakers and not always talk shop 63 52.50%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 120.

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