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Not accepting DVDs check back in October
At IndieTalk we are passionate about film. We review everything from mainstream flicks to no budget indies, but you must follow these guidelines or what you send may end up in the trash bin!
  • Submit an NTSC DVD that will play in North American DVD players.
  • We will review DVD-R/DVD+R.
  • You must include a one-sheet with your contact info (including email), the director's name (and IndieTalk username if a member), TRT (total running time), release date, and the URL where the title if available for sale if applicable. Biography is optional. Tell us about any upcoming screenings/releases. Please tell us about any awards the film has won. You must send a scan of the DVD cover (or film poster artwork) on a disc as a jpeg file. If you have a trailer online tell us the URL and we may link to it.
  • The reviewer will email you with the status of your DVD. Please do not follow up unless it has been six weeks and you have not heard anything. If you want to make sure it was received use a tracking option when sending. It may take awhile for the DVD to be reviewed, or it may not be reviewed at all. If it is reviewed, you will be emailed with a link to the review.
» Reviewers
David Greenberg

David is an AFI award-winning filmmaker and a professional screenwriter who teaches screenwriting and film history at Drexel University and The University Of The Arts. His film reviews have been published nationally and in local newspapers. You can follow his blog here.
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