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11-02-2005, 07:46 PM
Hi everyone,

Recently I found this forum. I am a media composer from Utrecht, The Netherlands. During the last couple of years I have written all sorts of music for short movies, animations, plays, dance pieces etc. I can write in many different styles, and will adapt my music to any specific project. Mostly I combine real and sampled instruments to get a sense of realism and human feeling into the music. I also do the occasional sound design, especially if the project allows for some creativity in that territory.

Please have a listen at my website: - I regret to say it's in Dutch. I know: I have to translate it asap! ;-) But just go to the 'music' section and you'll be fine..

I'm looking to expand my network and portfolio with some more high ambition, high quality productions and would love to collaborate internationally over the internet. Done it before, it workes great! About money: if there's budget: great! However I'm also interested in working for free if the project is very special and/or of high quality.

The way I usuallly work: you send me film - I send you some demo cues - you give me some feedback - I score your entire film - loads of awards and praise!

Get in touch if you're interested at


Arjan Raatgever