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08-02-2005, 03:40 AM
Here's our latest short film, by Shane Ryan and Theresa Kyriaco.
It features music by 16 year old singer/songwriter Emily Wryn. Emily is currently working with Shane on a feature film and Shane decided to try out her music in some short films first, as preperation for the feature.

"Love Last Captured"
homepage gave a better description than I could, here it is:

"This is quite a drastic change for Shane Ryan and his filmmaking genres - usually he's easily categorized into horror/thriller. I like that Alter Ego Cinema is broadening their horizons and managing to finagle some sentimental stuff for those of us who like to relax when we're watching a movie. The music in this film is quite nice - great job Emily Wryn. I also liked the haziness of the images to suggest the feeling for a memory. I feel like the film was effective in getting emotions moving, it's just a bit strange to watch Shane be sentimental when I'm so used to seeing him killing uncontrollably. Maybe we should all imagine Shane coming for us when we are attempting to drive drunk - I think if I were him I would have enough rage to chase you down and do some damage."

And here's the link directly to the movie:

Alter Ego Cinema