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04-24-2005, 12:46 AM
i just signed up a few minutes ago.

I'm 16 years old. And fell in love with movies since forever. I am currently trying to write a script with my friend. My friend however is very unoriginal, and uses too maany cliches! I dont really know much about filmmaking, but since a few months ago, a story, an image, something came to my head. I started adding characters, and a story. Most of the story is what is going on in my life, blended with some made up stuff.

When i write down a scene, or idea, my friend k33ps adding his stuff. CLICHES and boring pointless stuff.

If u see him write its like, hes a caveman.....

The whole idea of making a movie was my idea, the story, everything was my idea.
We have a dream of being famous together, for a long time, because we know that we are in a dead end where we are.

But Hes my best friend i wont turn away on him, i just dont want him to fuk up the script.

I have gone to the library and got b00ks on filmmakin and writing, and he complains that i dont give him books to read......

When i write, he complains why i'm writing what i am, and why hes not writing, i told him to write but he says i am.........damn its annoying.

so i n33d advice on what to do there.

04-24-2005, 12:53 AM
:welcome: to the site.

Find out what your friend likes to do, it sounds like screenwriting may not be for him. If you guys make a movie together, there's many things he can do.

04-24-2005, 01:03 AM
:welcome: to the site.

Find out what your friend likes to do, it sounds like screenwriting may not be for him. If you guys make a movie together, there's many things he can do.

thanks to the first thing, and the 2nd thing.

His parents want him to be a NURSE lmfao, i'm serious, hes tells me sometimes,

"When u get ur movie made and ur famous, call me okay?"
then the next day he says he wants to be filmmaker.
And he had dreadful thoughts of movies lol.

For instance, one of the Characters i made ,Eli, he talks about making a sequal about him. action flick.

Ok be back tomorrow gtg.

04-24-2005, 01:51 AM
I would suggest a manipulative tactic here. Manipulating friends can be fun and rewarding!
Check out a few books on different areas of film (directing, acting, camera, etc). Since he wants you to lend him books, lend him (one at a time) books on things you don't think you will be interested in. Eventually, (hopefully) he will find something he enjoys and leave the screenwriting alone.
Then there's the honesty technique. Don't be brutal, but say that you really want to be a little selfish with your idea, and since it's a little personal, you'd like to write the first draft yourself. Then, he can add stuff later... to which you can cut if you wish.
THEN, here's the best tactic. Tell him that making the script you are making is a bit ambitious, so you'd like to start smaller. Co-write a small short (catering to his utmost fantasies) and film it. Keep it SHORT and SMALL: it's your job here to keep it realistic. Give him most of the responsibility (and credit... it'll feed his ego). Finally, when you plan, shoot, and post the project, the amount of work (which should depend on him) will probably get him straight. He'll realize that you really can't do everything yourself, and filming is a team effort... he'll begin to specialize, or he'll get out completely... but in the meantime, you'll be learning a lot of vital lessons yourself.
The most I've learnt came from a project we never finished because our scope and aim was too fat-headed... doing something like this really brings you down to Earth... and if you are truly destined to be a filmmaker, you won't quit because of it- you will learn.
The (short) movie you make through this will probably suck. No one gets it right on the first try, but it's vital to get out there and learn ASAP. If you want to do it- do it. He might not even want to write after seeing the movie, but YOU... you will have the secret inside knowledge that it is SUPPOSED to suck, and you will begin to see ways to improve... and you will learn... you... will... learn....

That's my tak3.
Hope it h3lps.

04-24-2005, 05:13 AM
This is a very common problem because without experience it's hard to judge how a script will play. Actually, even with experince it's ahrd to judge and even at the very top of the industry people disagree about what's good and what's not.

The easiest way to get past these problems is to find some friends who are actors and get them to play the scenes that have been written as you see it and as your friend sees it and then hopeful you'll both agree on what looks better. it maybe that when you see the ideas played by actors you suddenly see that he's right, maybe not, but at least go in open minded.

If you don't agree after that, then say, "Hey it looks like we've got two different scripts here, why don't you write yours and I'll write mine and we'll make both of them together."

The key to all creative work is not to fight over creative control, but to realise that all films are collaborations that work best if people stay open minded and realise that other people's ideas are a gift (sometimes)

04-24-2005, 07:00 PM
thnx for ur options everyone!

I'm watching taxi driver right now :P

Dont u think the part where the camera moves up to travis's face with the mohawk is like the single most greatest scene like EVER?? shit. the cam job was like, excellent.

u da man martin scorcese.