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01-17-2018, 12:13 PM
Hello everybody,
My name is Aurélien. I am a french filmmaker. I live in Brooklyn. I am working on my first feature film, a story about disappearance in the huge city of New-York. It will be a minimalistic and realistic story, filmed with natural light and a non professional actor. This is a fiction, but I am using a “documentary” approach. I am looking for creative partners to create a small crew of passionate people (1st assistant, camera, sound). If you like human stories that are filmed with long and contemplative shots this is a film for you! Hopefully we could film this summer.
Please write me a few words about you (your film passion, your film skills), and I will tell you more about the project.
Looking forward to reading you.

El Director
01-17-2018, 12:21 PM
Welcome and good luck!

01-17-2018, 12:33 PM

Sounds interesting!

01-17-2018, 01:35 PM
Welcome to Indie Talk!

02-27-2018, 10:10 PM
Hello Aurelien,
My name is Kristian it's usually Christian but my mom changed it to make my name more unique hahahha. I'm on the autism spectrum. Anyways That's awesome. I am a former film student over at Oswego, New York only for a year because my other classes such as Math got in the way and I failed it however I didn't fail Film theory or any of my other classes just Math in particular. Math is not my forte. So I did a little Independent filmmaking myself doing short films. I've done my own research on how filmmaking works in most parts usually from YouTube and watching behind the scenes footage. But what I find most easy is actually just film it yourself, it's best to learn by hand. I mainly operate on a DSLR camera just as a starting point. I've done photography myself as a practice to visualize how the shots should be on every frame for the story to tell rather than drawing on a storyboard. I am also a writer. I write down my Ideas first before I tell the story. My biggest influence to write was Stephen King even though he's a novelist but he also wrote scripts which I read the most. I have a huge passion for artistic films such as foreign films that are french, italian, japanese, korean, german, and australian. Mostly I watch those films because In my opinion they make the best stories and best looking films there is. I'm big on vizuals. So enough about me I'm most certainly interested by this film you are working and I for one am a fan of long and contemplative shots. I am currently looking for work in any production right now in New York State. I live in Upstate New York and I am interested in seeing if I can help out in any way that I can. I am offering to donate my time to get experience in the production. If you can please message me back and let me know and thank you for your consideration.

02-27-2018, 11:34 PM
New York City based Flame artist/VFX supervisor here. If you need anything please refer to my website for contact info.

Alcove Audio
02-28-2018, 12:35 AM

Audio post guy here. PM if you are interested.

02-28-2018, 10:14 AM
This is so frustrating!

People want to help but the OP didn't bother to include any contact
info. And has not even checked back since the first post.

Modern Day Myth Prod. LLC
03-04-2018, 12:41 AM
Has anyone tried sending him a private message? That may be the way to reach him.

03-21-2018, 08:46 AM
Hey! I am a music composer and would love to help outon this project!

Check out my Spotify for the atmospheric piano music I can create, should go nicely with your contemplative film. I can compose in many other styles too